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Wellness Continuum Counseling Center
...a holistic approach to emotional health
You may currently be seeking answers to the debilitating issues and
struggles that you are facing.

Congratulations, by searching, you have taken the first step, and
possess more strength than you know.  

My practice and philosophy is grounded in the fact that we are all
unique, and that people hold within themselves the answers that are
uniquely their own, as well as the abilities they need to lead a life that
is empowered, fulfilled and true to their own personal vision.  I provide
a  non-judgemental environment that is comfortable, supportive and
confidential to foster change and growth.

I believe that people are not good or bad and every moment of crisis
contains the opportunity to grow stronger, evolve and move toward
their true self.

Take a moment to look through the site to get more information about
my approach to helping you fulfill your ultimate vision for your life.
Nicole Wells-Cimmino, LCSW

Offering Individual and Group Counseling Sessions
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